AFTER SPA. Amazing Makeup Remover

Remove 100% of the most difficult makeup with the help of the extra soft texture remover fabric with only water.

Perfect for all skin types and helps you to leave it fresh and soft.

Save on wasteful makeup remover towels 2 sizes available: Medium & Mini





Ideal for all skin types
Extra soft towel
Remove even the strongest makeup to remove
Leaves your skin fresh and smooth
Save on cleansing wipes!

Easy to use
Totally reusable
You only need water
Does not leave waste
1 piece


Wash the amazing towel in your washing machine before the first use so that it works perfectly. Afterwards, simply soak it with warm water and squeeze.

Begin to remove makeup from your face or the area you want. See how your skin looks clean and fresh. Repeat as many times as necessary. After using it again wash your towel in the washing machine.


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