DAILY CONCEPTS. Multi-Functional Soap Sponge

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Soap on the outside- sponge on the inside. Dual purpose soap sponge


This is why I am perfect for you:

Mild texture multifunctional soap, sponge with infused with clarifying and radiance enhancing Mother of Pearl soap to purge skin of impurities and elevate the overall texture of skin.


This is what makes me unique:

Clarifying, exfoliating, radiance enhancing, dual purpose soap sponge perfect for clarifying skin. This innovative and multifunctional design is soap infused with a sponge. It’s a major game changer for your skin routine. It’s perfect for exfoliating face or body depending on your comfort level.

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Directions: Simply wet face and soap sponge and lather, cleansing skin in circular motions. Use on body and even on face as well depending on your tolerance of exfoliation. As you use your soap sponge it will become softer making it better suited for those who have sensitive skin on the face. Follow with a nourishing oil or lotion to avoid dryness in skin. Squeeze and shake out excess water from soap sponge between uses and store in a soap dish to avoid residue on your sink area.

Cruelty free product by Daily concepts

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Mother of Pearl Single, Charcoal Single


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