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HADAKA LED Skin Bundle includes:

1 HADAKA ILLŪMEN LED Light Face & Body Tool (Red, Yellow, Blue lights. Heats up + Vibrates. Revitalizes and rejuvenates skin)

1 HADAKA LUCENT VEIL Exceptional Hydration Biocellulose Mask (Betaglucan + Vitamin B5 + Arginine + Botanicals)

1 HADAKA HALO Precious Hair Oil 10ml (Marula + Broccoli Seed Oil + Peppermint. Multifunctional, controls frizz, adds shine, promotes healthy hair)

1 HADAKA PURITY Oil of Marula 5ml (100% Pure Cold Pressed Marula Oil. Deeply hydrates and heals skin, greasy free)

All packed together in an eye catching organza bag

Retail $190

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