Hyssop Aqua Shampoo & Mask

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ACID SHAMPOO: The minerals of about 60 kinds reduce the stimulation, moisturize and calm down the hair. Keeps the hair strong and resilient. Hyssop Aqua Acid Shampoo (Deep Sea) gently cleanses each strand of hair with rich, mild lather. Nourishes the hair to leave it elastic and healthy.

MASK PACK: Marine moisturizing factor + Bio-hair growth factor + Hair cell activation factor

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Pour generous amount into the hands and work on it until it generates sufficient foam before massaging the scalp gently with your fingers.

How to Use MASK:
Dry lightly after shampooing, and apply a generous portion of the Aqua Hair Pack with a couple of scoops from the container, massaging thoroughly over the hair before waiting about five to ten minutes to rinse with warm water.

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Shampoo, Mask Pack