Nano Derma Pen

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The Nano Derma Pen is a serum infusion device, also known as nano needling. It works together with a nano chip needle cartridge to create microscopic channels 0.15mm – 0.20mm in depth in the outermost layers of skin (epidermis).

The box comes with the Nano Derma Pen + 10 cartridges (4 x 0.15mm, 4 x 0.20mm, 2 x 0.25mm)

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The cartridge has microscopic pyramid-like tips that lightly prick the skin which allows the serum to be infused deep into the skin for maximum absorption. It allows the skin to absorb the nutrients of the serum 20 times more effectively.


  • Maximizes serum absorption
  • Minimizes fine lines
  • Boosts skin hydration
  • Improves skin radiance
  • Refines pores
  • Tightens skin
  • Skin appears brighter, with more radiant and glow

This product works better with serums in an ampule form like Dermedics Nano Serums.