SUPERCILIUM Colour Developer

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After researching how to extend the lifetime of Brow Henna treatments, we found the power of the natural ingredient, Eucalyptus. By adding several drops of Supercilium Eucalyptus Color Developer to the Brow Henna mixture, the Henna will be better set. Besides that, it will help intensify the color by carrying it deeper into the skin and hair. Everything you need to create the long-lasting results which your clients are longing for.

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At Supercilium we truly believe in the power of nature. We aim to keep our products organic and close to their roots. After a long period of research, we have found the power of Eucalyptus. This is the ingredient that will help with creating a longer-lasting result for the Brow Henna treatments.

The Color Developer can be mixed with different shades and colors of Brow Henna. By adding a few drops in the henna following the indicated ratio, it helps intensify the henna color, and have the henna better set.

Note: The Color Developer is the improved formula and substitute of our previous Rosewater Fixing Lotion.

Mix 10-20 drops of the Supercilium Color Developer with 1 measuring spoon (~25g) of henna powder properly until the perfect henna paste comes out. Lighter color tends to need more drops of Color Developer. The paste shouldn’t be too runny, nor too thick. The mixture should achieve a smooth, and thick-looking texture.