A self-tanning face pad that develops a rich color while providing exfoliating and anti-aging benefits.


Face Soleil Self-Tanning Face Pads have been developed specifically for the delicate skin on the face.

The quick drying formula provides a streak-free, natural looking tan that fully develops within two hours.



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Enriched with Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid and Aquacell technology the formula provides maximum hydration and anti-aging benefits to the skin. Aquacell increases the delivery of hydration to the skin and helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
The self-tanning pad also contains AlgoTan ™ technology that produces a tan from within by stimulating the melanin in the skin. The results are a no mess, no orange, beautiful radiant tan skin!


Key Ingredients Include:
Hyaluronic acid
AlgoTan ™
Aloe GreenTea