EyEnvy VitaBrow 3ml

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EyEnvy VitaBrow Brow and Lash Tonic 3ml Vitabrow from EyEnvy® is a breakthrough formula that is used on brows and lashes at night. It helps to achieve fuller & stronger brows while improving the texture. The combination of peptides tonifies your eyebrows to prevent breakage and softens it to help manage difficult/springy eyebrows and lashes. Our easy comb applicator helps your brow stay in place. It is an excellent complement to the EyEnvy® lash conditioner and also compliments Lash lifts and Brow Laminations for maintenance.

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With a light lavender scent to calm your senses. Clinically tested. Ophtalmologist safety tested

Directions: Apply daily before bedtime. Allow 6-8 weeks to start seeing results.