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    We thank you for your business and look in offering the most efficient service in shipping.

    In order to do so we use FedEx or Purolator as they offer a tracking number and delivery option to ensure optimal tracking.

    As a residential delivery you have two options:

    Option A:

    NO signature required, this gives you an ease of getting your packages left on your doorstep with no signature and knowing if you are busy with a client you will still be able to get your packages. At this point once tracking record proves it is delivered; Beauty D is NO longer responsible for your package. It is not our power to know if your neighbors or your surroundings are safe. It is completely your responsibility.

    Option B:

    Signature required. This means the driver will NOT leave any package until someone physically signs their tracking device. For FedEx, they will attempt 3 times. If the third time no one is available the package will be sent back. For Purolator they will attempt once. If not available you will be OBLIGATED to go and physically get your package at the closest depot. There is NO option to redirect the package or reattempt.

    In both cases once package is returned to sender a charge will be incurred.

    That charge will be deducted from amount charged. If you would still like your order reshipped a supplementary charge will be charged.

    Option A - No Signature RequiredOption B - Signature required

    Please provide your business license or professional certificate or diploma and photos of your workplace in order for us to disclose wholesale information. (.pdf, .docx, .doc, .jpg, .jpeg, .png)

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    This is an EXCLUSIVITY AGREEMENT. Please read, and accept the terms and conditions.
    Read everything thoroughly before signing up.

    EyEnvy products cannot be sold online in any way or platform; EyEnvy is exclusively sold only in Spas and Salons so it cannot be sold in e-commerce sites such as, but not limited to the following: Kijiji, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Amazon and your own website; also NO Instagram or any social media posts/stories/comments/ of selling with pricing.

    EyEnvy can be advertised on your Instagram/Facebook/Website; you are allowed to advertise with images ONLY, NO pricing can be portrayed. In the event that the exclusivity of the brand is jeopardized through online sales, you will be contacted by your local distributor or EyEnvy Headquarters to have the posting removed, and your account may be closed indefinitely.

    NO discounting of the product. If found at a discount, we will no longer be able to sell you EyEnvy products.

    EyEnvy can only be sold to a Retail customer, please refrain from selling it to third parties as Salons/ Spas/ Industry Professionals for resale. If found at a discount you will no longer be able to purchase EyEnvy products.

    You have to repurchase EyEnvy within 9 months period, the maximum allowable time to keep selling EyEnvy. If no repurchase of this brand is done within 9 months you will have to re purchase starter kit and re-submit your documentation.

    If EyEnvy receives a customer complaint and BEAUTY D has to contact you, a response within 24-72 business hours is required, otherwise your account will be blocked until further notice.

    You acknowledge and understand that EyEnvy conditioners cannot be used in client with any kind of eye conditions, even if they are under medication for such conditions.

    Clients that were under chemotherapy or any kind of invasive procedure such as but not limited to eye surgery, need to wait at least 6 months before using EyEnvy.

    I accept the terms and conditions

    Please watch entirely the EyEnvy video of Application procedures in order to submit your Form.

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