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Epilfree is a revolutionary Permanent Hair Removal Treatment that works in conjunction with a regular wax or sugaring service. It is applied after waxing or sugaring to the treated area. Epilfree gets to work instantly, with exceptional results that are equal to laser but without the limitations or excessive costs. It is safe, effective & 100% natural with no side effects.

The EPILFREE solution is based on a unique, scientifically formulated combination of natural herbs (no chemicals) that work synergistically to create a mechanism that targets the new hair cell at the base of the empty anagen follicle and stops the duplication of cells. This action stops the energy to the mitochondria, and after 6 hours, the treated follicles will no longer work.

It is a professional product used in the spa after waxing, sugaring, threading, or tweezing.  Epilfree consists of two serums that work on the empty anagen follicle. A completely different modality than laser, IPL, or electrolysis. Since it works on an empty follicle, hair color doesn’t matter. It’s effective on every Fitzpatrick and over tattoos, with no damage or chance of pigmentation.



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> Epilfree is a revolutionary Permanent Hair Removal Treatment that works in conjunction with a regular wax or sugaring service.
> It is also effective with tweezing & threading, making sure that all the hairs are removed from the root.
> It is a professional in-salon treatment that can only be applied by certified professionals.
> Results are equal to laser but without the limitations and excessive costs, it is safe, effective and 100% natural.
> The Epilfree formulation is made up of natural herbs that stops the duplication of cells in the base of the live Anagen hair follicle.
> Epilfree is as easy as 123!


Epilfree works in the hair follicle that is in the Anagen Phase, when the hair is actively growing and still attached to the Dermal Papilla. Epifree does not work when the hair is in the Catagen, Telogen or Early Anagen
Phases. The hair has detached from the Dermal Papilla during the Catagen and Telogen Phase, which are also referred to as the ‘Resting Phase’ in the hair growth cycle.
In the Anagen Phase we have a live hair follicle. It’s got oxygen, it’s got blood and it’s alive. This live cell is the only one that Epilfree can kill. Once that hair is removed and Epilfree treatment is done following the protocols, that hair will never grow another hair. Every human being has 5 million hair follicles on their body. It doesn’t matter what your race or your size is, we all have 5 million hair follicles. Most of these hair follicles are in the Catagen and/or Telogen Phase, which means they are resting most of the time. If they were growing, we would all look like our dog or cat. There are areas of the body with terminal hair, like a mans’ beards, underarms and intimate areas, that have more hair growing most of the time, but still most are in the ‘Resting Phase’. The amount of hair that’s on the human body is huge. So we are waiting on the cycles of hair to reduce as much as humanly possible based on the way one’s hair goes through the stages. No two people have the same hair cycles and no two areas on the body have the same hair cycle.

During the first Epilfree treatment, the Epilfree formulation, which is made up of natural herbs as well as other natural ingredients will stop the duplication of cells 100% at the base of the live Anagen hair follicle. When a client comes in for their next treatment, the hair that you see is hair that hasn’t been treated yet. That’s your opportunity to get rid of another batch of unwanted hair.
The least amount of treatments will be needed when the client comes in every 4-6 weeks, that is when the most Anagen hair growth is present. When treated every 4-6 weeks, your client can expect to be finished after 12 treatments but some people do need more… If the client prefers to have treatments every 2-3 weeks (which a lot of people opt to do), just let them know
it will take more treatments.
Once the hair has been removed from the root, the Activator Part A needs to be applied within 60 seconds. The Activator opens up the hair follicle 4 times it’s original size and begins to stop the duplication of cells to prepare it for the deep penetration of the Toner Part B. This process takes 5 minutes (minimum) for the Activator Part A to open up the follicle. If you are working on a large area, the Activator Part A will hold the follicle open for 25 minutes, which gives you time to complete the area before applying the Toner Part B. Make sure you give the last section 5 minutes to process before applying Toner Part B.
The treated area must be left alone for six hours after the treatment. At which time the treated hair follicles will never work again.




  • The active ingredients in each of the individual kits are specifically formulated for the type of skin in those areas as well as the amount of area being treated.
  • The skin and hair types are different in each area.
  • The pump / nozzle size varies based on the amount of product needed for each treated area.
    Note: These kits are specifically designed for use on the areas they are formulated for. Using an incorrect kit on an area it is not designed for will be deceiving your client. Epilfree asks you to use the proper kit on the correct area in order to not deceive your client. It will give you client an inferior result.

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