Bernard Cassiere HYDRALOCK High Hydration Day & Night Duo

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ALOE VERA HIGH HYDRATION DAY & NIGHT SET. This special edition box set from the Aloe Vera range offers a day and night duo for ultimate 24 hour skin hydration! Includes the ‘Hydralock High Hydration Cream’ (50ml) and the ‘Hydralock Aquasleeping pack High Hydration Night cream’ (50ml)

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WHY ALOE-VERA: Natural extracts of organic bamboo and aloe-vera from fair trade, combined with moisturizing agents to provide vitamins, minerals and amino acids essential to skin. For skins with a lack of hydration, nutrition, suppleness and firmness.

OBJECTIVES: Moisturize, Promote good hydration, Strengthen the skin barrier and limit the loss of water, Nourishes, Softens.

INGREDIENTS: Bamboo extract, Organic Aloe-vera extract, Lily of the Valley extract from Japan, Hyaluronic acid, Urea derivative, Shea Butter, Vegetable squalene.