Bernard Cassiere Spirulina Youth Treatment

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12 Treatments (3 Items)

A professional treatment to improve facial features and accept our age every day. 6 specific steps to extend skin youth and visibly regain a younger, and more dynamic look. From 30 years old.


  • Protect the skin from internal and external aggressions
  • To protect skin from artificial light
  • Regain a smoother and firmer skin
  • Nourish and increase essential nutrients levels in the cells

Kit includes – 

1 x Spirulina Triple Action Face Peeling 60ml

1 x Spirulina Massage Butter 75ml

1 x Spirulina Youth Serum 15ml

12 x Spirulina Youth Nourishing Mask Sachets

24 x Pure Spirulina Capsules

1 x Spirulina Elasticity Serum 15ml

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The Spirulina is a spiral-shaped micro- algae found in freshwater, that belongs to the cyanobacteria family.
In cosmetics, the Spirulina is one of the most efficient substance for slowing down the skin ageing thanks to its anti-oxidative properties which prevents the formation of free radicals.
Moreover, its high content in gamma-linoleic acids helps bringing suppleness, elasticity and softness to the skin.
The Spirulina is therefore our best ally to preserve a beautiful skin.
The Spirulina used in the BC’s Youth care is from France.