Lash Forever Bold Brows Babe – Brow Lamination Kit

Offer your clients high-fashion brows in 30 minutes that last up to two months.
Our Brow Lamination is designed to give a fuller, bolder brow shape. Our kit services up to 30 clients and does not contain Sodium Bromate. Lamination realigns the brows and gives ”messy” brows uniformed volume. Our formula contains a protein composition, which includes liquid keratin that creates a protective film around the hair encouraging brow growth.

The Lashforever Brow Lamination Kit is ultra-nourishing to not only keep your client’s brows conditioned after the treatment but also offering longer-lasting results.

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Do not use your Brow Lamination Kit for Lash Lifts. Use products for their intended use only.

Promotional Postcards *new*⁠
Brow Cleansing Foam *new*⁠
Brow Lift Adhesive⁠
Brow Fixing Lotion⁠
Brow Perm⁠
Brow Nourishment⁠
Tool Box (Y Combs, Silicone Rods, Mascara Wands)⁠


Sodium Bromate FREE
Gentle Formula
3-5 minute processing time
One of the first Brow Lamination kits to hit the market
Kit services up to 30 clients (depends on product use, a little goes a long way)
Want to get trained in Brow Lamination? Our 1-day course includes your pro kit and gives you hands-on experience with in-class models. Toronto dates available.

How to Laminate Your Clients Brows

1. Take your before photos for your portfolio, website & social media (optional).

2. Prep Brow area by cleaning with Foaming Brow Cleanser. Finish with alcohol wipe.

3. Apply a moderate amount of Brow Lift Adhesive one brow at a time. Use Lashforever Angled Brow Brush to lift brow hair upwards into the desired position. Proceed to the other brow.

4. Apply Brow Perm Lotion to the eyebrows in desired position. Remove after 7-10 minutes. (7 minutes – average texture 10 minutes – coarse texture).

5. Remove Brow Perm Lotion with Lashforever Angled Brow Brush.

6. Apply Brow Setting Lotion leave on for 7-10 minutes.

7. Remove Brow Setting Lotion with your Lashforever Angled Brow Brush and apply Brow

Nourishment to the brows. Remove with Lashforever Angled Brow Brush after 5 minutes.

8. Brush brow hair upwards.

9. Apply STYLE BROW (available for purchase HERE) for fuller effect

and powder if needed.

10. Take your after photos and videos and tag @lashforevercanada_ to be featured.