Bush Body Sugar Paste

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Made by an expert in sugaring, this local brand is successful at removing unwanted hairs.

Free from chemicals, 100% natural and organic made with Sugar, lemon juice and water, it doesn’t adhere to live skin cells, making it super gentle but effective at hair removal.

It won’t burn your skin and is easy to use.

Made in Canada.

**Contact us for sugaring courses at info@beautyd.ca


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The different levels of softness, medium, and firm sugar paste refer to the consistency and texture of the paste.

Each consistency has its own benefits and is suited for different hair removal needs and skin types as well as the temperature of your environment.

– Soft Paste: used in cooler environments, this consistency is generally used for larger areas of the body like the legs, arms, and back. It’s easy to spread and can cover larger surface areas efficiently.

– Medium Paste: used in average temperature (72F), this consistency strikes a balance between soft and firm. It’s commonly used for areas with varying hair lengths and textures. It offers good control and is suitable for most body parts, a great go to for brazilian services.

– Firm Paste: used in warmer environments, this thicker consistency is often used for more sensitive areas like upperlip, bikini line, and underarms. It provides better precision for smaller areas and can grasp thicker ,shorter & stubborn hairs effectively.

Choosing the right consistency depends on the area you’re treating, your hair type, your environment, and your personal preference. Soft paste is great for master sugarist and for larger areas, while medium and firm pastes offer more control and precision for specific areas.


DIRECTIONS: Using the flick or hand method, the sugar paste is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth. When applying it, it lifts the hair up, allowing the sugar paste to seep into the follicle and wrap itself around the hair. The paste & the hair is removed in the direction of the hair growth, removing the hair straight out of the follicle (vs being bent back like the traditional wax method). The flick or hand method drastically reduces irritation, reduced ingrown hairs, prevents burning as it remains at room temperature and hurts less than waxing.

– no double dipping. The same ball of paste can be used for the full service.
– doesn’t adhere to live skin cells. ie. no burning or skinning
– water soluble. Say goodbye to 3 days if tacky. Sugar paste melts with water

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