Chanv Hydrating and Soothing Body Oil 100ml

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It’s like relaxing in a spa, surrounded by nature. It is the feeling of well-being thanks to the properties of the essential oil of lavender. Composed of hemp oil and grape seed oil, it is the ideal solution to hydrate and relax the skin peacefully.

  • Moisturizes the skin quickly
  • Leaves a silky, matte finish
  • Safe for moms and kids
  • Reduces itching due to dry skin
  • Enjoy a relaxing moment
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Chanv Relaxing and Soothing Body Oil

Our relaxing and soothing body oil carries many properties that give off relaxing vibes to various senses of your body. With the addition of lavender, grape seed oil, and hemp oil to this body oil, this oil helps in relaxing your skin and makes for incredible massage oil on one of your more tiresome days.

Moisturizes Your Skin

One of the major benefits of our relaxing and soothing body oil is that it can moisturize your skin effectively and keep it moisturized for a longer time. Lavender has long been used in various skin products and rightfully so. Lavender has amazing properties that are capable of keeping your skin moisturized and smooth. Moreover, hemp oil has an abundance of vitamins and fatty acids that are capable of keeping your skin moisturized.

Helps You Relax

While our relaxing and soothing body oil certainly helps moisturize your skin, its most significant advantage is easily that it can help your body relax. hemp oil, lavender, and even grapeseed oil, you will be in bliss as you apply this oil to your body.


Use to moisturize your body in topical application. You can add it to bath water, or use it for massages. It is ideal for pregnant women and babies.


100 ml


Huile de graines de chanvre (seed oil), huile de pépins de vitis vinifera (seed oil), huile essentielle de lavandula angustifolia (essential oil).