Cloud 9 U Needle

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Microblading & Misty Brow needles by Master PMU Diana Choi

Needle Cut: Ultra Nano Blade

Configuration: 14 needle in a U shape

Needle casing: Rubber

Best for: Create curved hair strokes with ease for Microblading

Experience level: Beginner to Advanced PMU artist

Includes: 10 per box

Assemble with: Cloud 9 pen

Needle Shape: U

Technique: Nanoblade

Diameter: 0.15mm

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  • 0.15mm needle
  • EO gas sterilized
  • Individual packaged
  • Disposable

Detail:This needle is for PMU artist at all skill levels. It is the sharpest, and thinnest needle available at Cloud 9. It is easy to implant the pigment without dragging on the skin. It is also easy to create a curved stroke and make the brows appear fluffy. This advanced tool has a unique U shape that guides your hand for effortlessly, with precision and deposits the pigment in each strokes evenly. In addition, the integrated needle system with the precision tip guarantees the highest quality of the work with proper training. Cloud 9 is packaged in sterile, disposable packaging. It is available in 10-pieces in a box. Pairing with Cloud 9 Needle pen is highly recommended.


Skin: Dry / Thin / Older

Brow thickness: Thin