DAILY CONCEPTS. Daily Stretch Wash Cloth

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Your Stretch Wash Cloth expands to reach your back and has just the right texture for an efficient and luxuriant shower experience.


This is why I am perfect for you:

It’s versatile! Use it as a regular wash cloth or stretch it to meet hard to reach body parts, making it perfect for head-to-toe use.

Designed more efficiently than a typical back brush. Its handles allow stretching in different angles, getting in there and finishing the job.

Its texture will exfoliate the dead skin cells of the top layer of your skin, creating a healthy, fresh feeling all over your body.


Your Stretch Wash Cloth is the perfect accompaniment for thinking and singing in the shower while the fabrics work thoroughly to keep you clean. (Plus the label indicator lets you know when You Body Scrubber needs to be replaced.)



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This is what makes me unique:

  • Label with indicator that fades when it’s time to replace Your Stretch Wash Cloth.
  • Stretches three times its size to reach hard to reach areas of your body
  • Natural cotton base layer with nylon exfoliating loops for the ideal texture.
  • Clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested.
  • NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. Cruelty free
  • Made in North America.
  • Functional packaging (suction cup included).


Cruelty free product by Daily concepts


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