Daily Concepts Wooden Body Gua Sha Tool

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The Wooden Body Gua Sha Tool Captures And Sets Free Built-Up Tension, Toxins And Stress To Enhance Both Physical And Mental Wellbeing.

The Wooden Body Gua Sha Tool Has A Curved Design That Allows The Individual To Experience A Lymphatic Drainage Massage. The Massaging Motions Have The Power To Relax The Body And Tone Its Appearance. This Body Care Tool Is Cruelty-Free, Vegan And Made With 100% Natural Beechwood.

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  1. Use the Daily Detox Massage Brush on dry skin before your shower or bath.
  2. Massage your skin, using the Daily Detox Massage Brush in a circular motion
  • Start With A Base Of Clean Skin And Apply Body Oil Or Moisturizer
  • Use the curved side to apply pressure by gliding in long motions along the body
  • For lymphatic drainage, use in upward motions toward the heart

Cleaning Instructions:
Clean with warm water and a gentle soap after each use
Use consistently for best results.