Feather Flamingo S-P Facial Touch-Up Razor

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Feather Flamingo S-P Facial Touch-Up Razor

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Smooth, Safe Trimming.
It is easy to use. It ’s easy to shape your eyebrow, and make your eyebrow stylish, create perfectly shaped eyebrow.
The Eyebrow Trimmer Shaper work beautifully not only on your chin hair, but on your upper lip, cheek fuzz, around your bikini area etc.

Advanced handle design: Ergonomics streamlined design,durable and beautiful,easy to handle.

Achieve Perfectly shaped Eyebrows with painless and effortless actions. No more tweezing pain. Can protect sensitive skin and prevent the blade from
cutting too closely while shaving

Materials Used:
Plastic parts: ABS resin
Blade: Stainless steel (0.15mm) Double coated platinum alloy and resin.

Before trimming, apply facial cream or soap on desired area. Refrain from razor use if pimples or other skin conditions occur.
After use, wash razor with water and store it in a dry place. Avoid wiping the blade’s edge as it may dull the blade prematurely. Blade is coated to maintain sharpness.

CAUTION: Razor is very sharp. Be careful when handling and storing.