Fuji Tan9620 Countour Applicator

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Tired of lugging around a small compressor to power your airbrush? Looking for a Contour applicator that you can use with your existing turbine? Look no further than Fuji Spray®’s 9620 – Contour Applicator! This all-metal bleeder style applicator features an airbrush style trigger and easily attaches directly to any Fuji Spray® spray tan system (can be attached to any spray tan equipment that utilizes a ¾ Quick Connect Fitting). The 9620 allows you to achieve 3 different pattern orientations and boasts a fan width ranging from ¼” to 6”. Paired with a 2032 – Air Control Valve, the Fuji Spray® this applicator will provide unimaginable control and improved coverage for a subtle and natural body or face contour. Enhance your clients’ every curve with Fuji Spray®’s 9620 – Contour Applicator.

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Features and Specifications:

  • Perfect for contouring body and face as well as muscle sculpting
  • Removes the need for a mini-compressor and airbrush – a turbine is all you need!
  • Lightweight bleeder applicator with airbrush style trigger
  • Three adjustable fan orientations; Circle, Horizontal and Vertical
  • Fan width ranging from ¼” to 6”
  • Stainless steel tip assembly (1.0mm air cap set)
  • 250cc Bottom Feed Cup assembly allowing for quick changes between solutions
  • 1 Year Warranty