M5 Magnetic Eyelashes & Eyeliner Kit

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Black Magnetic Eyeliner, Magnetic Band Lash & Tweezers.


Magnetic Eyelashes. Upgrade 3D glamour magnetic eyelashes with the newest magnet design, create the most glamorous look with these 3d magnetic eyelashes. No more seeing magnets or having sagging lashes.
Safe and completely natural. Eliminate the need for glue.


GIGI: Flared long lashes
AD811: Winged model, interlaced lashes. Wispie style
CIARA: Long & dramatic, full volume
KS01: Slightly winged, clustered design
Kit includes: 1 pair of lashes, 1 pair tweezers, 1 eyeliner


Available in 3 styles:CIARA, AD811, KS01

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The Magnetic Lashliner use FDA approved ingredients and it’s latex free. No glue! No sticky tape adhesive! Just beautiful eyeliner and beautiful lashes.

Easy to use. It can be put on with on hand – No special skills or makeup artist needed. The lashliner system couldn’t be easier to use. The eyeliner is applied the same as any eyeliner. After applying the eyeliner, you simply hold the lashes up to the eyeliner and they smoothly “click” into place. That’s it!

Fast and High-strength magnets. No more frustration and no more gluing your eyes shut! Cosmetic eyeliner contains ultra-fine magnetic particles, yet feels completely natural. Top quality lash is embedded with tiny high-strength magnets. you can have lashes which are ridiculously easy to apply, comfortable enough to wear through the day

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AD811, Tina, Diamond, Gigi, KS01, Ciara