Natural Lash Fast Lash Lift Kit

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Are you a lash artist looking for a new lift solution for your clients? Look no more…

Get STUNNING lashes in less then 30 minutes with the Natural Lash Lift kit! This safe and painless Lash Lift Kit is an innovative new way to perm your natural eyelashes and keep them looking curly and fantastic for up to 8 weeks. These incredible results can be achieved in just 3 easy steps that perms, neutralizes and conditions your natural eyelashes.

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Natural Lash offers a high-quality lash lift formula which gives your eyelashes the perfect curl curl and life. The lift lasts eight weeks, and you can use this kit 15 times OR more before needed a new one.

Included in the Lash Lift Kit:
o 3 Lash Combs
o Silicone Perm Pads
o Under Eye Pads
o 1 Bottle of glue
o #1 Perm solution
o #2 Fixation agent
o #3 Coating
o #4 Cleanser
o Mascara Wands & Micro Brushes


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