O2 SkinPro Oxygen Powder

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O2SkinProTM is soluble powder that can be mixed with water or other skincare products and applied directly to the skin to treat a wound, burn, bruise, or rash.  Oxygen is released and immediately absorbed when in contact with the skin to accelerate recovery, as well as boost cell turnover and replacement. When added to skincare products O2SkinProTM helps reduce wrinkles, works as an anti-inflammatory, and stimulates collagen.

Why use O2SkinPro™?

Using O2SkinPro™ boosts any treatment you perform because it oxygenates the skin to speed recovery and reduce redness. O2SkinPro™ releases oxygen through the skin providing lost oxygen to the wounded areas into the cells and tissues below. This will rapidly stop pain, accelerate healing, and reduce scarring. There are no side effects. Anyone can use O2SkinPro™.

Your clients will leave looking fresh and radiant.

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How to use in the treatment room:

  • Add to serums for use under traditional and hydro jelly masks & post-treatment.
  • Add to moisturizers & creams.
  • Mix with distilled water and spritz over skin during & post-treatment.
  • Add to Vitamin E, Aloe or Hyaluronic Acid to use post treatments.
  • Use with all your absorption-enhancing tools such as micro-needling/channeling, etc.
  • After laser resurfacing

Go to www.O2SkinPro.com for protocols you can download.

Key benefits to clients:

When added to skincare products O2SkinProTM helps reduce wrinkles, works as an anti-inflammatory, and stimulates collagen growth.

Collagen is a protein that forms bundles which strengthen and give structure to the skin; and it is the main component in wound healing. Oxygen is critical in the formation of collagen and oxygenating the skin with 2SkinPro streamlines the regeneration process – think boosts cell turnover.

  • It helps heal acne, rosacea, and other types of skin conditions. O2SkinProTM does this by disabling toxins and acne-triggering bacteria.
  • It reduces redness and discomfort after treatments. Pain is a signal from the brain that your cells aren’t getting enough Oxygen. O2SkinProTM will pay back the Oxygen debt incurred during treatments, accelerating cell repair and relieving discomfort.

How to price:

O2SkinPro offers a unique experience to the professional. We trust you, the aesthetician, to use your imagination and your expertise to create protocols for treatments and new ideas for aftercare formulations that will treat your patients’ wide range of needs. O2SkinPro is a back bar product that will support you in treating skin conditions with real oxygen. The possibilities are endless.

We suggest charging by the scoop, which is a simple, transparent method. It is recommended that you add one scoop per ounce of liquid. You can have one price for treatments and one for aftercare products . For example, it can be a $20 add-on to services and $25 per scoop in the toner that you make and send home for continued aftercare. Clients are already paying for the treatment so you can charge less for the add-on if you choose to.

Depending on where you practice and what the market can support, we suggest no lower than $20 for an add-on and $25 for a retail product. We encourage you to develop your own aftercare products including this revolutionary ingredient that customers can only get from you. You can sell different strengths for different purposes. For example, two scoops in two ounces of a toner to be used as a targeted treatment for skin conditions (min $35) and four scoop in a four-ounce bottle to be used as an all-day spritzer (min $45).

When you add O2SkinPro to another product or use it to create your own retail products, you must use our standard approved labels which are available through every distributor and on our website.

Rule for mixing: If the pH of the carrier is between 5.2 and 7, the shelf life will be endless. If you’re adding it to an already packaged product with a pH between 5.2 and 7, the shelf life will be the same as the product. If you are mixing O2SkinPro with a serum that has a pH lower than 5.2 or higher than 7,  it must be used immediately because the clathrate that holds the oxygen will begin to open releasing the oxygen.

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