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Spray Tanning Lotion With Bronzer.

Let yourself be surprised by an amazing and instant tan thanks to sugar cane extract. For a more intense result, we add some bronzer food pigments, totally safe for the skin. The That’so On The Go Dark formula also contains Matrixyl™, a powerful anti-aging ingredient. In addition, it gives off a delicate almond smell during application. Its natural formulation respects the skin and does not leave any stains.


– Ingredients: sugar cane extract, Aloe Vera, Matrixyl™
– DHA: 6%
– Tanning degree: intense
– Tanning duration: 4 days
– Develops within 2-3 hours after application
– Type of product: spray
– Application area: face and neckline
– Immediate tanning

Size 125ml & 25ml



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Spray tanning lotion with a bronzer. The DHA formulation gives a natural golden brown looking tan. The tan intensi es within 3-4 hours after application and leaves skin smooth, radiant and hydrated with a light almond scent. The color darkens gradually and evenly.


How to use: Spray directly on the skin in a continuous and uniform motion, keeping the spray about 30 cm from the skin. Allow to dry without rubbing or use a hair dryer for faster results. The product can also be sprayed on That’so double use glove and then applied to the skin.


Perfume: Almond, Cherry & Vanilla

DHA 6%

Size 125ml & 25ml

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125ml, 25ml


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