Pink Company PinkPik With Card

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PinkPik is our newest proudly manufactured in Canada pink™ product and is amazing styling assistant. The unique fantail design works very differently to traditional pics allowing for more versatility for uses. Most pics are made of a very hard brittle plastic with no give to flex as it passes through the hair, which can in turn cause breakage. PinkPik has a lot of give and flexibility and is gentle on hair strands and scalp.

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Your 8-in-1 multi-styling assistant:

  • easily distributes conditioner while in the shower
  • clips hair out of the shower stream to allow conditioner to process
  • used to gently detangle hair before applying stylers
  • hold hair out to evenly apply spray stylers
  • section hair in place of sectioning clips for applying products
  • stylists can use to section hair when cutting
  • add volume when diffusing
  • lastly of course pik hair out

Now your pik can’t do all that!