Radiant Tan Finishing Powder

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Radiant Powder the final touch to. spray tan service. Designed by a spray tan artist herself, for professionals in the sunless tanning industry. Apply on clients, post spray tan on the whole body,  targeting those sticky areas; under breasts & bum, behind the knees and elbow creases.

–  No more sticky feeling
– Sets the sprav tan while developing
– Hides the occasional fake tan smell with our tropical mango papaya scent
– Reduces transfers of sprav tan bronzers on clothes & sheets
– Leaves your skin with a beautiful shimmer adding an extra glow to your tan


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In a bowl, dip a makeup body brush or kabuki brush in the drying powder, shake off any excess and gently blend onto skIn.

Repeat on every body part until vou finish the recommended amount of powder & notice your drying time drop. Your client will be pleased to be able to get dressed right away without feeling sticky.

– 1 bag 150a = 30-35 bodies
– 1 teaspoon = 1 person = $0.94
– Talc free, gluten free & cruelty free
– Vegan
– 100% natural ingredients
– No nasties
– Made in Canada