S’AIMME Natural Makeup Care Multi Purpose

S’AÏMME offers a line of natural, organic, high performance and high quality makeup. It maintains the health of your skin with natural and high performance pigments. This makeup care  is designed Multiuses to meet your needs; active and modern beauty. It offers a convenient solution for your quick makeup-care routine. In no time 1 color can be used to make multiple looks on your entire face.

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S’aimme founder felt that natural colors on the market were monotonous. She wanted your colors to be inspired by nature while reflecting a vibrant energy that was far from boring. A blend of >99% naturally derived, plant-based, renewable resource and performant ingredients were mixed to make a line of vegan, natural color with expressive shades. A meeting between science and nature, a balance between performance and naturalness.

Benefits of Make-up Care on your skin:

S’AÏMME’s makeup care creates a moisturizing barrier to protect your skin with Jojoba Ester* that keeps it healthy and soothed.

Nourishes – Softens – Smoothes
Canadian Organic Hemp Oil, in addition to Jojoba Ester, is a natural source of fatty acids such as OMEGA-3,6 and 9 that nourish the skin.

Long lasting – Water resistant
Safflower Oleosome is rich in emollients and antioxidants, it creates a long-lasting water-resistant film that provides a continuous moisturizing effect.

Dries quickly
The liquid pigment allows us to be quick and efficient as it dries quickly.

Easy Quick Glow
Created for quick and easy use, the makeup care highlights your skin in minutes.

*Ester de Jojoba is multifunctional, ecological, natural and has emollient and moisturizing effects.

Care for your skin: S’AÏMME’s Makeup Care is good for your skin. It moisturizes, softens, smoothes and nourishes your skin thanks to its formula made with >99% natural, organic, high performance and high quality ingredients. It has several advantages over conventional makeup products that often contain synthetic chemicals. This product is sustainable and ethical by respecting animal rights. It is therefore vegan, natural and organic.

  • Moisturizes, softens and soothes the skin
  • Creating a water-resistant film
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Moisture barrier to protect the skin

Express applicationPractice makes perfect and will become easy and fast over time. Simplify your tools. The applicator is the quick and easy tool to use. Depending on your preference, the makeup sponge or your fingers are options to consider. Use on both eyelids, cheeks and lips. As much on the eyes as eye shadow; under the brow bone, above the cheeks and cupid’s bow to illuminate and on the cheeks as blush or bronzer.

Makeup TechniqueApply a thin layer for a light effect and build up for a more opaque result. The rich creamy emulsion infused with film-forming jojoba esters can be sheared, built up and layered. It dries quickly to provide a long-wearing, water-resistant, luminous finish.

Includes: S’AÏMME’s Makeup Care is a product suitable for a wide range of skin tones, ages and genders.

S’AÏMME is Canada’s number 1 avant-garde makeup brand that takes care of your skin S’AÏMME’s Make-up Care was designed to meet your needs and make your time easier; active and modern beauties. It offers a practical solution for your quick makeup routine. In no time, 1 color can be used to do multiple looks on your entire face while nourishing your skin. It can also be a beautiful addition to your regular cosmetic makeup.
Made in Canada

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