Slipssy Anti-Aging Pillowcase System

For An Anti-Aging Blissful Sleep Experience

By reducing more than 70% of frictions and mechanical tensions on your facial ski, Slipssy is the most efficient sleep wrinkles, bed head and hair loss prevention pillow case system, for an unmatched and guaranteed sleep comfort

Includes 1X queen pillowcase system (20 x30 inches / 51×76 cm), with invisible zippers / machines washable.

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Pillow not included

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Sleep is nature’s best defence against skin ageing All day, skin works hard to protect itself from constant attack, i.e. pollution UV light, etc, but while we’re sleeping skin switches into repair mode, fixing any damage from the day. While off in dreamland, blood flow increases, collagen rebuilds, and the muscles in your face finally relax after a long day.

Paying attention to how we treat our skin and hair during sleeping hours should not be overlooked-this pillowcase system makes it really easy. It helps your pillowcase to glide freely during sleep motions, reducing the repetitive friction and mechanical tensions on your face, neck and hair while you sleep. It reduces tell-tale sleep lines, hair loss and bedhead, extends the life of your blowout and, gives you the best possible beauty sleep.

What makes this unique Unlike other products (we’ve tested) that offer similar benefits, this system is not a silk pillow case. This is a 2-layer pillow cover system that is installed over your pillow and under your favorite pillow case, so you get all the benefits and comfort without compromising your bedroom decor.

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