Dear Derm Peeling Foot Mask

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All-In-One Sock-Like Foot Mask

Double Effects: Double Strength Peeling! Double Moisture!

Removes Calluses. Makes Feet Soft and Moisture Like Baby’s

Safe Peeling and Cooling Moisture Care

You want to moisture and exfoliates your feet at the same time; Dearderm Foot Peeling Double Essence Mask will do the job.

Formulated with cypress water, Urea, Allantoin, fruit acid complex, and menthol, these foot masks deodorize and refresh the feet while softening cuticles and delivering deep, soothing hydration. Keep these masks on for up to one hour to energize and revitalize your tired feet. Your feet will thank you!

Dead skin cells will start to come off after about one week of usage. Result may vary by individuals.


Contains 1pair.

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Main Ingredients and Its Functions
– Contains strong antibacterial ingredient Hinoki Cypress to reduce foot odor,
– Contains natural fruit acids extracted from grape, orange, and lime for gentle exfoliation.
– The menthol helps your feet feeling cool and refreshed during summer
– Formulated with Allantoin from botanical extracts for a soothing effect
– Urea helps nourish soft feet skin.

How to use:
1.    Open the bottom of the package. Take the foot pouches out and cut the top of the foot pouches.
2.    Wear it like socks. Bind the sticker around the knee. You may wear your socks additionally for your freely movements.(optional)
3.    Smooth massage and leave it 45min. to 1 hour. Then rinse feet with lukewarm water.
4.    Now wait 3-7 days for your beautiful foot. The starting of exfoliation can vary from person to person. The completion of exfoliation takes about 2 weeks. This is very important feature of this product. You must patiently wait about 7 days to see the exfoliating process.