Spray Tan Kit

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1 Fuji Spray Tan Machine

1 That’s So – 10% Prof Ultra Dark

1 That’s So – 8% Prof Extra Dark

1 Hadaka BUTTERFUL Marula Butter cream Unscented 236ml 8oz

1 Pop Up Tanning Tent – Black

1 That’s So- Glam Mousse Intense Tanning Mousse 6% DHA (150ml )

1 That’s so- On The Go Dark Spray 6% DHA (125ml )

1 That’s So- Tanning Mitt

Training Spray Tan Course

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The kit can be customizable with the different machines:

Model T4100:

• Features Fuji miniTan Quiet Turbine Technology. Noise Reduction Covers for filters. Air is drawn through rear slots preventing direct sound paths. 

• Turbine is light weight and portable, ideal for both the salon or mobile. The T-PRO Applicator is elegant and sleek in appearance. This high quality professional non-bleed applicator is intended to spray for hours on end. 

• Complies with rigorous electrical & safety standards: UL/CSA approved for cosmetic use; reset safety switch. User manual containing training on Spraying Techniques. 

• Heat Dissipation Box for cooler running, longer life turbine motor. 24 Month Warranty on complete system.


Model T2150 Salon Tan

• The Quiet and reliable 6150 salonTAN™ system is the Quietest and most powerful on the market. 

• This Turbine is powered by a 2-stage motor that is specially balanced for the spray tanning industry. 

• Patented Noise Reduction Technology – quieter than an average conversation! (56 dba)

• Durable turbine case with Fuji Spray®’s Heat Dissipation Box™

• All metal bleeder applicator with stainless steel fluid components

• Easy pull trigger and ergonomic Stay Cool Handle™

• Adjustable spray pattern and fluid control

• Washable quick-change friction fit filter


Both machines come with a Top Feeder Gun.

This top feeder gun is a metal cup coated with a teflon seal inside. The Top feeder gun will give you an even flow and gravity feed spray. With this gun you get multiple options of fan directions such as horizontal or vertical and you also get an evenness and no splatter effect. You need bout 2oz to do a full body, in the long term it will save you in solution cost.

The machines are made in Canada with 24 Month Warranty on complete system.

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Kit with Fuji Mini, Kit with Fuji Salon Tan