Thuya Vegan Brow Lamination Kit

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The three essential basics of the vegan eyebrow line now in one kit in a Kraft envelope.

This kit includes:

1 Vegan Permanent Gel 15 ml
1 Vegan cream neutralizer 15 ml
1 Vegan Eyelash Regenerating Cream 15 ml

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– Non-animal origin-The new vegan line does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.
– Vegetable keratin-A hydrolyzed molecule derived from a combination of hemp and rice proteins.
– Same properties-We maintain the properties of the current range.
– Aloe vera and argan oil-Argan Oil and Aloe Vera remain in the formula
– Own laboratory-Formulas and active ingredients developed in our laboratories.
– Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

Neutralizing Cream (Vegan) – The complete effectiveness of our neutralizing without any ingredient of Animal.The neutralizer is essential to fix the hair shape once we have opened the cuticle with permanent gel.Its cream texture prevents drips enjoying an easier application, Comfortable and safe. It allows us to seal and give the desired shape to create the perfect look.

Permanent Gel (Vegan) – Permanent gel has been reformulated Removing the source ingredient animal and maintaining its function and Efficiency, thus achieving a product of the same quality and effectiveness but Completely vegan. With the gel of Permanent rises the PH of the tabs, opening the cuticle of the hair and allowing modify the structure to fix the desired shape.

Regenerating Cream (Vegan)- Recino Oil: provides hydration and nutrition to the eyelash. Argan oil: penetrates the pores of the hair improving its elasticity and flexibility. It increases follicle nutrition, locks moisture, and restores hair shine. Eyelash Regenerating Complex: combination of natural oils (Olive, Sunflower, Rosehip, Corn, Grape, etc …) specially developed to strengthen, lengthen and regenerate eyelashes and reduce the loss of color intensity by washing. Active OMEGA+ based on Olive Oil: It favors the rehydration of the treated area, provides nutrition to the hair and shine. With high antioxidant power. Gallic acid: antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.