Toskani A-OX 360 Cocktail

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A-OX 360 cocktail is a treatment for professional use that activates the skin’s defense mechanisms to prevent damage from external and internal aggressors. It also offers great antioxidant power to prevent acne, premature aging of the skin and also increases hydration and improves skin elasticity.

6 – 12 Sessions

Electroporation or Microneedling

Box with 5 vials of 10ml/ea

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Sterile, high-performance mesotherapy products that provide effective and safe solutions to correct facial or body skin problems in a 100% personalized manner

TKN Cocktails: Our ready-to-use cocktails contain the best selection of active ingredients to treat specific aesthetic needs in a simple and effective way.

TOSKANI mesotherapy products are FREE OF: • Added preservatives •Perfumes •Dyes •Nanoparticles •Phthalates •Ingredients of human origin



Encapsulation systems (Liposomes) • Biomimetic composition • Restore the skin’s protective barrier as it retains moisture • Release encapsulated compounds in the deepest layers of the skin • Prevent degradation of active acids • Increase the effectiveness of active acids when they reach target in the skin

Red vine leaf extract (Vitis vinifera) •- stimulates the activation of the skin’s natural defenses against urban pollution •- promotes the production of glutathione which has an important antioxidant action •- reduces redness caused by epidermal stress due to environmental pollution •- stimulates elastin production and improves skin suppleness •- reduces the size of pores, preventing the entry of microparticles of pollution

Vitamin B3 •- it mainly acts as an antioxidant •- protects the skin against ultraviolet rays •- stimulates lipid synthesis, therefore helps restore the skin’s protective barrier, maintain, hydrate and prevent transepidermal water loss •- improves skin texture and reduces irritation

Vitamin C • Acts in the process of collagen formation, improving skin elasticity and preventing the appearance of wrinkles • Neutralizes free radicals and regenerates vitamins E: both actions prevent aging and skin damage caused by exposure to UVB rays • Reduces the appearance of spots caused by excess melanin production by melanocytes • Reduces inflammation and skin irritation • Improves hydration and luminosity

Saccharide isomerate • – reduces the appearance of spots caused by skin exposure to pollution because it inhibits the transfer of melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes • decreases skin erythema by inhibiting inflammation mediators • strengthens the skin barrier and prevents pollutant adhesions

Glutathione: • Being one of the most powerful antioxidants naturally present in cells • Repairs cellular DNA • Glutathione also has a significant anti-hyperpigmentation action, as it can inhibit the formation of melanin by disrupting its production at the level of the enzyme Tyrosinase (natural organism in the body, participates in the production of melanin.) (Albinism is due to hereditary tyrosinase deficiency.)