Toskani Mesotherapy Hair Cocktail Plus

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Hair growth stimulating solution. Its formula combines different ingredients with the aim of stopping hair loss. Inhibits 5-alpha reductase isoenzymes to slow hair loss. ▪ Improves microcirculation, helping micronutrients reach the follicle. ▪ Provides the ingredients necessary for the proper functioning of the hair bulb.

The range is formulated with innovative ingredients and aims to: Slow down hair loss, Stimulates hair regrowth, Redensify with nourishing ingredients, Reduce scalp oxidizing agents.

6  Sessions / 1 per week

Electroporation or Microneedling

Box with 5 vials of 10ml/ea

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Sterile, high-performance mesotherapy products that provide effective and safe solutions to correct facial or body skin problems in a 100% personalized manner

TKN Cocktails: Our ready-to-use cocktails contain the best selection of active ingredients to treat specific aesthetic needs in a simple and effective way.

TOSKANI mesotherapy products are FREE OF: • Added preservatives •Perfumes •Dyes •Nanoparticles •Phthalates •Ingredients of human origin



Panthenol ▪ Improves metabolism and renewal of skin cells in the scalp. ▪ Has a protective effect against oxidative damage and exposure to ultraviolet light. ▪ Immediately strengthens the hair shaft. Coat it hair, sealing its surface, lubricating the hair shaft and giving it a shiny appearance.

Sabal serrulata ▪ Sabal serrulata is a plant that produces rich berries in fatty acids, phytosterols and flavonoids, from which the extract is obtained. ▪ Prevents androgenic alopecia through various mechanisms that stop hair loss and strengthen the hair. ▪ Capable of activating estrogen receptors, maintain the anagen phase and normalize the catagen phase.

Biotin ▪ Promotes healthy hair growth and prevents hair loss to become dry. ▪ Plays an essential role in the production of keratin. ▪ Improves hair elasticity. ▪ Prevents and minimizes hair breakage and helps to strengthen and thicken hair.

Taurine ▪ Protects cell membranes from external attacks. ▪ Improves the formation of collagen fibers. ▪ Improves the appearance of keratinocytes. ▪ Has a powerful antioxidant action.

Thiamine ▪ Has an important role in oxygen metabolism. ▪ Stimulates the skin metabolism of the scalp. ▪ Improves the skin’s ability to resist stress.

Pyridoxine ▪ Plays an essential role in carbohydrates, proteins and fat synthesis and cell division. ▪ Helps maintain sodium and potassium homeostasis.